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IdiomasPractica el ingles

Tendrán que responder correctamente escribiendo las respuestas adecuadas.

1.- Jonh is going to the party with .

2.- Where is the book ? is on the table

3.- Whose house is it? It is house.

4.- What color is your car? car is blue.

5.- I want apple and two oranges.

6.- I live in an apartment. apartment is big.

7.- The cat is the box.

8.- Where is John? He is home.

9.- He runs Mondays and Fridays.

10.- There three glasses of water.

11.- There is not milk.

12.- He doesn't have money.

13.- They got a car.

14.- she like ice cream

15.- He never vegetables.

16.- What are you doing now? .

17.- They decided to Australia in May.

18.- Alice for 30 years. She is retired now.

19.- We a party tonight.

20.- John at the bank since 2005.

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