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This is a short test about the Regulators previously explained. The level of difficulty is a little more advanced than the previous one. You will have three possible options, of whom only one is the right one.

In order to approve an ISO Standard, a certain amount of the members have to agree about it. What is the exact percentage of positive votes required to publish the Standard?

. 75%
. 90%, in which the ISO CS should be included.
. All ISO members
ITU - R, the radiocommunication division of the Organization, has several inner divisions as well. How many are they?

. Three
. Two
. Six
After its creation in 1992, ITU - D has been in charge of the creation of development projects related to the improvement of ICT. Which of these is NOT one of them?

. Cyber Security
. Internet Everywhere
. Digital Inclusion
What is the main difference between WRC and ITU-R, since they both carry projects related to radiocommunications?

. WRC was born as a work division inside the ITU-R framework
. ITU-R and WRC are completely independent Organizations, but synchronized to offer common goals.
. WRC organizes the ITU-R projects inside the inner division TSD, for terrestrial services.
CERP is the former name that the CEPT had before 1992.

. This statement is FALSE, as CERP is the current name while CEPT does not longer exist.
. This statement is FALSE, and CEPT works in cooperation with CERP in order to offer the best solutions to support ETSI projects.
. This statement is FALSE, and CERP is a special committee created to deal with Postal Regulation aspects.
The European Council is a power figure inside the European Union Organism. What does it represent?

. Legislative Power
. Executive Power
. Any of the previous
ETSI was specially created to release the GSM mobile system. When did that happen?

. 1988
. 1982
. 1993
What is the scope managed by the IEEE Organization?

. Global projects are developed
. Only projects inside the United States.
. Projects referred to the Inner European Electrical Engineering frame.
Which is the WiFi Standard under IEEE structure?

. 802.13
. 802.11.1
. 802.11
AENOR performes the approval of its normative by the CTN agents. What does this acronym mean?

. CTN - Consejo de Tramitación de la Normativa
. CTN - Comité Técnico de Normalización
. CTN - Conferencia de Tecnología Nacional

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