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Texto para ingeniero

10. If I have to speak in front of others, I:

. A: Would probably say as little as possible or pass out. 
. B: Kick myself after Iím done because I didnít say what I meant to say. 
. C: Practice what I have to say first so I can speak coherently. 
. Favorite color?
. Gray
. Green
. Purple
. Blue
. Pink
. Black
. White
. Orange
. Red
. Yellow
. Another possible job for me might be...
. Cosmetologist
. Retail
. Teacher
. Veterinarian
. Pilot
. Politician
. I'd rather have friends who are...
. Generous
. Imaginative
. Unique
. Not into creating drama
. Confident
. I'm good at helping people...
. Get their head out of the clouds and have a reality check
. Understand themselves and what they're really looking for
. Understand complex ideas
. Understand others and resolve disagreements
. Favorite kitchen utensil?
. Microwave
. Blender
. Spatula
. Wire whisk
. Meat thermometer
. Where would you like to go to work?
. The great outdoors
. Outer space
. My own special cubicle
. A different city every week
. A busy factory
. A hospital
. What size company do you think you'd want to work at?
. Huge, like the government
. A big company, with lots of people to meet and room to move around
. A small company, with a few dedicated people I'm close to
. Someplace in the middle
. Do you like being in charge?
. Doesn't matter
. No
. Yes
. My mad scientist laboratory would have...
. A greenhouse full of plants (maybe evil plants?)
. Everything, it'd be a total mess!
. Colorful liquids in test tubes
. Blinky lights
. What would you rather do?
. Be a mad scientist
. Build big impressive things
. Break stuff
. Invent cool gadgets
. Make the world a better place
. What's something you'd HATE at work?
. Constantly being distracted and having to switch tasks
. Sitting at a desk all day
. Working in isolation
. Getting messy
. I'd rather work
. Alone. I don't care how helpful the group is.
. With a group of helpful people.
. Word that describes you best?
. Happy
. Successful
. Understanding
. Helpful
. What are you most likely to doodle on the side of a paper when you're bored?
. Arrows
. Clouds, airplanes, rockets, other things in the sky
. Squares
. Circles
. Cars, buildings, trees... other things you see around you
. Lines
. If I'm late on a project, it's more likely because it...
. Takes me a while to get motivated, I'm a procrastinator
. Takes me a while to get done, I'm a perfectionist.
. Are you good at minding your own business?
. No
. Yes
. Word that best describes you
. Ambitious
. Nerdy
. Organized
. Practical
. Adventurous
. What do people like about you?
. I'm convincing, opinionated, and fresh
. I'm very supportive and loyal
. I'm relaxed and easy to get along with
. What's more important?
. That people get along
. That everything is done right
. Favorite way to spend your free time?
. Doing puzzles or creating things that involve putting pieces together
. Expressing myself through art or something I create
. Hanging out with friends and family
. Expressing myself directly, like writing my thoughts down or speaking to groups
9. Regarding personal communication:

.  A: I really enjoy talking. 
.  B: I speak if I have something to say and think how to say it first. 
.  C: I avoid starting conversations and prefer not to have to talk too much. 
8. Teamwork involves communication, and to me:

.  A: Thatís great because I like to hear others talk about their ideas. 
.  B: Thatís wasting time; Iíd rather get right to work. 
.  C: Itís a chance to find out more about my co-workers, their hobbies and interests. 
7. If you ask me to make up a scenario or expand on instructions:

.  A: I donít like it; I prefer to follow explicit directions. 
.  B: Iím limited, but I can try. 
.  C: I like being able to use information from others, but have input as well. 
6. I check my class work for mistakes:

.  A: Once, or twice if I have time. 
.  B: I donít; I usually have a good feeling about my work. 
.  C: I donít because I run out of time. 
5. When it comes to details:

.  A: The fewer the better 
.  B: I work quickly and check the details at the end. 
.  C: I enjoy looking at every angle and focusing on the details as I go. 
3. In deciding how to solve a problem, I:

.  A: Make decisions immediately and donít let it slow me down. 
.  B: Make a decision after five or ten minutes, right or wrong. 
.  C: Look at all the angles and study the problem until I find a solution. 
4. To help make a decision, I:

.  A: Ask other people and rely on their judgment. 
.  B: Study the problem, read and try to find answers. 
.  C: Use a combination of input from others and my own research. 
2. If I'm given written instructions:

.  A: I'm able to figure them out and do the job on my own. 
.  B: I toss them and figure it out on my own. 
.  C: I double check with someone to make sure I have the instructions right. 
1. When trying to solve a problem, I :

.  A: Enjoy finding systematic ways of solving a problem. 
.  B: Keep trying various solutions until something works. 
.  C: Get frustrated. 
5. Do people find you interesting to talk to?

.  Yes  No
4. Do you have good communication skills?

.  Yes  No
3. Do like to build new things, or improve the way things work?

.  Yes  No
2. Do you like to take things apart to see how they tick?

.  Yes  No
1. Are you creative and imaginative?

.  Yes  No

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