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know your English level. miniveldeingles

50 She really _ when she changed her mind about the job.

. A turned me down
. B put me up
. C let me down
49 I asked the mechanic to_ how much the repairs will cost.

. A work out
. B get out
. C try out
48 We’re really _ our trip to New York next week.

. A looking forward
. B looking forward to
. C looking forward at
47 What happens_ the hero at the end of the film?

. A into
. B on
. C to
46 William is very excited _starting his new job.

. A with
. B for
. C about
45 When we finally arrived _, we were exhausted.

. A to home
. B at home
. C home
44 It was raining at first, but _ the sun came out.

. A in the end
. B at the end
. C by the time
43 I think I’ll be able to finish reading this book _few hours.

. A on a
. B in a
. C at the
42 I woke up several times _the night with a A while

. B during
. C for
41 _ hard, Martha should do very well at university.

. A As long as she works
. B Unless she works
. C Providing she will work
40 _school very young, he is very successful.

. A In spite of he left
. B Although leaving
. C In spite of leaving
39 They got lots of presents when they got married and they _ any ‘thank you’ letters.

. A didn’t even send
. B even sent
. C not even sen
38 My new car is _ my old one.

. A more fast that
. B more fast than
. C faster than
37 There’s _ food in the house. Let’s go out to eat.

. A hardly
. B hardly any
. C hardly anything
36 The room _the beach was too small.

. A overlooked
. B overlooking
35 The computer _ I bought wasn’t very expensive.

. A who
. B what
. C that
34 Ben and Danny are very similar_ is good at football but they both love watching iton TV.

. A Either of them
. B Both of them
. C Neither of them
33 Most of the students got a B grade but _got an A.

. A few
. B a few
. C little
32 I was really nervous and I couldn’t eat _ all day.

. A something
. B nothing
. C anything
31 _ ‘ someone knocking at the door.’ ‘I’ll go and see who it is.’

. A There’s
. B It’s
29 _is Charlie.

. A My dogs name
. B My dog’s name
. C My dogs’ name
30 Don’t work in pairs. Everyone has to do the exercise by _

. A ourselves
. B yourself
. C themselves
28 I want to buy _

. A some new jeans
. B a new jean
. C a new jeans
27 Small children often don’t like eating _

. A some vegetables
. B the vegetables
. C vegetables
26 I took _really nice photos on holiday.

. A few
. B much
. C some
25 _ a car, I usually take the bus.

. A Not have
. B Not to have
. C Not having
24 Helen never travels by plane because she’s _

. A afraid from flying
. B afraid to flying
. C afraid of flying
22 _ phone me again.

. A I’d rather you didn’t
. B I’d prefer you not
. C I’d rather you don’t
23 Bad weather prevented the match _ going ahead.

. A to
. B from
. C of
21 My father doesn’t allow me _ his car.

. A driving
. B drive
. C to drive
20 ‘Rick’s been to China before,_?’

. A didn’t he
. B hadn’t he
. C hasn’t he
19 Do you know _ ?

. A where John live
. B where lives John
. C where does John live
18 Anne _ in hospital.

. A told that her mum was
. B said me her mum was
. C told me her mum was
17 Where _ ?’ ‘I always go to Snips.’

. A do you cut your hair
. B do you have your hair cut
. C have you cut your hair
16 Jane’s passport _while she was on holiday.

. A is stolen
. B was stolen
. C stole
15 If they _by car, it would have been a lot quicker.

. A had gone
. B would go
. C would have gone
14 If I see Sam, _ him to call you.

. A I’ll tell
. B I’d tell
. C I tell
13 You _ that letter – it’s not addressed to you!

. A shouldn’t to read
. B shouldn’t read
. C ought not to
12 They _ worried. There really was no danger.

. A needn’t
. B don’t have to
. C needn’t have
11 If I were in Susie’s position, I _ leave and get another job.

. A may
. B might
. C must
10 I _ be a doctor. I’d hate it.

. A couldn’t have
. B can’t
. C couldn’t
8 I’m feeling tired. I don’t think I _ tonight.

. A go out
. B ’ll go out
. C ’m going out
9 What do you think you _ this time next year?

. A ’ll be doing
. B ’re going to do
. C do
7 I _ in the country, but I had to move to the city for my new job.

. A used to live
. B used to living
. C wasn’t used to living
6 When I arrived at the airport, the plane _

. A has already left
. B already left
. C had already left
5 ‘How long has Sarah been living in Germany?’_five years.’

. A Since
. B For
. C During
4 You look really hot _

. A Are you running?
. B Did you run?
. C Have you been running?
3 ‘Were there any letters today?’ No, the postman _ yet.’

. A doesn’t come
. B wasn’t come
. C hasn’t come
2 He _ tennis when he broke his wrist.

. A was playing
. B played
. C plays
1 Tomas_ coffee. He doesn’t like it.

. A isn’t drinking
. B not drinks
. C doesn’t drink

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