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IdiomasTest your English. Grammatical competence

This test will enable you to know what level of English you have, Moreover, the teacher will also have the chance to evaluate the type of mistakes made.

50. Which of these sentences is correct?

. a. Despite the fact that it was raining, we went to the school trip
. b. Despite of the rain, we went to the school trip
. c. Despite the rain, we went to the school trip
. d. a and c are correct
49. Which of these sentences is correct?

. a. I suggest going to the cinema
. b. I suggest that she should go to the cinema
. c. I suggest to go to the cinema
. d. a and b are correct
48. Which of these sentences is correct?

. a. I recommend visiting the museum
. b. I recommend to visit the museum
. c. I recommend you to visit the museum
. d. a and c are correct
47. It’s high time you_ a job

. a. Look for
. b. Looked for
. c. Started looking for
. d. b and c are correct
46. _ had I left _I heard them laughing

. a. No sooner, than
. b. No sooner that
. c. Under no circumstance, than
. d. Rarely, that
45. Which of these sentences is correct?

. a. If Mark hadn’t spent all the money, he would go to Mexico with us
. b. If Mark hadn’t spent all the money, he would have gone to Mexico with us
. c. If Mark hadn’t spent all the money, he would be moving to Mexico
. d. All of them are correct
43. I wish I _ taller!

. a. Was
. b. Had been
. c. Were
. d. would be
44. I wish he _making that noise!

. a. Could stop
. b. Can stop
. c. Will stop
. d. Would stop
42. I still need to_ in the countryside

. a. Be used to live
. b. Get used to live
. c. Get used to living
. d. Get use to live
41. When I was a child, my mom_ me a story before going to bed.

. a. Would read
. b. Read
. c. Used to
. d. Could read
40. If I had studied_

. a. I would pass the exam
. b. I will pass the exam
. c. I’m going to pass the exam
. d. I would have passed the exam
39. If I had a lot of money_

. a. I had bought a new car
. b. I would buy a new car
. c. I will buy a new car
. d. I buy a new car
38. Put this sentence into indirect speech: “Shut up, John” the teacher said

. a. The teacher said that he shut up
. b. The teacher said that he would shut up
. c. The teacher told John to shut up
. d. The teacher asked John to shut up.
37. Put this sentence into indirect speech: Mum said: “Tom was doing his homework”

. a. Mum said that Tom had been doing his homework
. b. Mum said that Tom had done his homework
. c. Mum said that Tom is doing his homework
. d. Mum told Tom to do his homework
36. Turn this sentence into passive: The police are taking the criminal to prison

. a. The criminal is been taken to prison
. b. The criminal is being taken to prison
. c. The criminal is taken to prison
. d. The criminal is taking to prison
34. She is _ lovely girl!

. a. So
. b. Such a
. c. Enough
. d. Very
35. Turn this sentence into passive: Somebody stole my car

. a. My car was stolen
. b. My car has been stolen
. c. My car is stolen
. d. My car is going to be stolen
33. I’m brave_ to go on the rides

. a. Enough
. b. Too
. c. Such
. d. So
32. This bag is _ heavy, could you help me?

. a. Enough
. b. So
. c. Such
. d. Too
31. To _ did you write the letter?

. a. Who
. b. Whom
. c. What
. d. Where
30. Which of these questions is correct?

. a. Could you tell me where the bank is?
. b. Could you tell me where is the bank?
. c. Could you tell me how to get to the bank?
. d. a and c are correct
29. What _? You look exhausted!

. a. I have been washing my car
. b. I have washed my car
. c. I have being washing my car
. d. I washed my car
28. When I _ back home, somebody _ my plasma TV

. a. Had come, had stolen
. b. Came, had stolen
. c. Came, stole
. d. Had come, stole
27. At this time, tomorrow, I _ the lecture

. a. Will attend
. b. Will have attended
. c. Will be attending
. d Will have attending
26. On Sunday, we_ to school

. a. Must go
. b. Have to go
. c. Mustn’t go
. d. Don’t have to
25. She isn’t at home now, she _to school. I know she’s got classes on Wednesdays

. a. Should have gone
. b. Must have gone
. c. Might have gone
. d. May have gone
24. If you heat some water, It _

. a. will boil
. b. boils
. c. Boiled
. d. Is boiling
23. You are married_?

. a. Aren’t you?
. b. Are you?
. c. Not?
. d. Are?
21. In 2020, robots_ the housework

. a. Will do
. b. Are doing
. c. Will doing
. d. Are going to do
22. You_ eat in the class, it is forbidden

. a. Must
. b. Mustn’t
. c. Should
. d. Shouldn’t
20. Are you going to visit your uncle?

. a. Yes, I will
. b. Yes, I go
. c. Yes, I am
. d. Yes, I visit
19. I have lived in London _ I was seven

. a. For
. b. Since
. c. Till
. d. When
18. Which of these sentences is correct?

. a. I have been to London
. b. I have to London
. c. I have been of London
. d. I been in London
17. I was having a shower, when the telephone

. a. Was ringing
. b. Rang
. c. Rings
. d. Will ring
15. She is_ than her sister

. a. more slim
. b. more slimmer
. c. slimmer
. d. slimer
16. Yesterday, I _ to the disco

. a. Go
. b. Went
. c. Gone
. d. Goed
14. He likes _ basketball, but I hate_ tennis

. a. playing
. b. plays
. c. Play
. d. To play
13. Which of these sentences is correct?

. a. She usually plays football
. b. She doesn’t usually play football
. c. She don’t usually play football
. d. a and b are correct
10. There isn’t _ milk left

. a. Some
. b. Any
. c. The
. d. A
11. She _ much money

. a. has got
. b. hasn’t got
. c. have got
. d. haven’t got
12. We_ the tallest

. a. are
. b. aren’t
. c .is
. d. a and b are correct
9. _ there any restaurants in the shopping centre?

. a. Is
. b. Are
. c. Isn’t
. d. Am
8. The ball is _ the box

. a. On
. b. At
. c. In
. d. Over
7. In my bedroom, I have got _ armchair and two lamps

. a. The
. b. A
. c. An
. d. –
5. Whose cat is it? It’s_

. a. Jane’s
. b. Jane
. c. Her
. d. His
6. This shirt is cool, but _ jeans aren’t really trendy

. a. That
. b. These
. c. Its
. d. They
4. Don’t forget to return the book to the library, it isn’t_

. a. Mine
. b. My
. c. Us
. d. We
3. Mary has got a cat, _ cat is a Siamese.

. a. She
. b. It
. c. Her
. d. His
2. Where is the book? _ is under the table.

. a. It
. b. Its
. c. He
. d. The
1. She’s going to the party with _

. a. I
. b. Me
. c. Your
. d. We

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