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If I'm in trouble, I'm

If I'm in trouble, I'm...

. Off the beaten track
. In the soup
. In my element
To begin something from the beginning is to start it...

. From scratch
. From the ditch point
. From the tight corner
To change the way something is done is to break the...

. Moald
. Mold
. Mould
. Moold
To progress with changes and fashions it to move with the...

. clock
. dates
. day
. times
What idioms means "for a very long time"?

. For the hills times
. Until ripe old age
. Till the cows come home
What does "kip" mean?

. Badly behaved child
. Sudden and unexplainable desire
. Nap
What does "spare" mean?

. Extra
. Long weapon with a sharp point
. Leisure
. Nap
You can survive ... the skin of you teeth.

. Ditch
. Tip
. Skin
. Top
If you are safe and uninjured, you're safe and...

. kicking
. full of beans
. sound
To step into somebody's shoes means

. to replace somebody
. to fire somebody from his/her job
. to imagine to take his/her place to comprehend his/her actions
. Give him/her advice about important matters
To bring advantages at a later time is to pay...

. pick up the tabs
. the goods
. dividends
. the dividend
What is it to "bear fruit"?

. To produce good result
. To answer a loose or unrelated comment when asked about something
. To be serious, not kidding
Which of these expressions means something negative?

. To be rolling on it
. To be in the black
. To feel the pinch
. To burn the midnight oil
. To pick up the tab

test 1 ,tema 1 (pronouns,to be,colours). Tags:test ,1. Preguntas:20
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Test your English. Grammatical competence ,Test your English level. Tags:English ,test ,level. Preguntas:50
Test your English. Grammatical competence ,This test will enable you to know what level of English you have, Moreover, the teacher will also have the chance to evaluate the type of mistakes made.. Categorías:English ,test ,level. Preguntas:50
Test your English. Grammatical competence ,This test will enable you to know what level of English you have and will make it possible for the teacher to have a clear perspective on the types of mistakes made.. Tags:English ,test ,level. Preguntas:50
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Personal Feelings, Opinions and Experiences (Adjectives) ,Vocabulario de sentimientos, opiniones y experiencias en inglés. Categorías:Personal ,Feelings ,Opinions ,and ,Experiences ,(Adjectives) ,jfnd. Preguntas:139
Adjetivos sueltos ,Algunos adjetivos sueltos en inglés. Tags:Adjetives ,jfnd. Preguntas:80
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