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IdiomasPassive Voice

Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Passive or the Future \"Will\" Passive.

1.- Your money

2.- (not waste) these past four years. You can see all the changes that (make) so far.

3.- First of all, a modern hospital

4.- (build) and new equipment (put) in all our medical centres.

5.- Secondly, a big gymnasium

6.- (add) to West School, and a new school with all the latest technology (build) near the shopping centre.

7.- Thirdly, trees (plant) in parks and all around town to make the place even more beautiful.

8.- If you vote for me, I promise that more changes (make) to improve our town in the future.

9.- New roads and highways

10.- (construct) to solve traffic problems and make travelling safer. New buses, which don't pollute the environment, (buy) because we must all think about our environment...

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