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LibrosHow well do you know the Harry Potter serie

Asks about Harry Potter

1. Who are Harry Potter's friends?

. a. Draco & Angelique
. b. Ronald & Hermione
. c. Fred & George
2. Does Harry Potter get kids?

. a. Yes
. b. No
. c. I dont know
3. How are the parents of Harry Potter named?

. a. Herman & Margeritha
. b. Gabriel & Samantha
. c. James & Lili
4. In witch house is Harry Potter placed?

. a. Hufflepuff
. b. Ravenclaw
. c. Slytherin
. d. Gryffindor
5. Who is the head of house of Harry Potter?

. a. Severus Snape
. b. Pomona Sprout
. c. Filius Flitwick
. d. Minerva McGonagall
6. Harry Potter is good at...

. a. Potions
. b. Incantiations
. c. Quidditch
. d. Care of Magical Creatures
7. Which appears when someone turns the sign of death?

. a. A flower
. b. A snake
. c. A silver cup
. d. A skull
8. Who makes the food at Hogwarts?

. a. The teachers
. b. The students
. c. The house-elves
. d. The magic
9. What color is the sign of Gryffindor?

. a. Green & Yellow
. b. Blue & Black
. c. Orange & Red
. d. Purple & Pink
10. Who is the head of Hogwarts?

. a. Severus Snape
. b. Voldemort
. c. McGonagall
. d. Dumbledore
11. Who is the enemy of Harry Potter?

. a. Dumbledore
. b. Neville Longbottom
. c. Draco Malfoy
. d. Voldemort
12. How do they go to Hogworts?

. a. With a broom stick
. b. Walking
. c. In a flying car
. d. With a train
13. What is the platform of Hogwarts?

. a. 10
. b. 7
. c. 9¾
. d.5

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