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1.- important and limited in amount.

2.- calm and free from stress, worry, or anxiety : not worried or tense.

3.- worth a lot of money.

4.- having power, authority, or influence

5.- most recent.

6.- A performance given by one or more singers or instrumentalists or both.

7.- very useful or helpful.

8.- more than two but not very many.

9.- informal and comfortable.

10.- different and separate.

11.- not strict or carefully controlled.

12.- having serious meaning or worth : deserving or requiring serious attention

13.- covered with ice.

14.- of communication that proceeds rapidly.

15.- calm and free from stress, worry, or anxiety : not worried or tense

16.- full of activity or work.

17.- waking; not sleeping.

18.- a pile of something.

19.- vigilant; alert:.

20.- promised to be married.

21.- full of people or things.

22.- happening or existing now : belonging to or existing in the present time.

23.- actively doing something.

24.- a school in the U.S. for young children.

25.- a ceremony at which two people are married to each other.

26.- any of various wheeled frames used for transporting heavy objects.

27.- a reference book that contains words listed in alphabetical order and that gives information about the words' meanings, forms, pronunciations, etc.

28.- a vehicle that travels on streets on metal tracks and that is used for carrying passengers.

29.- a boat that is used on a river.

30.- to treat (tanned leather) especially by incorporating oil or grease.

31.- a particular way of living : the way a person lives or a group of people live.

32.- a tea made of dried herbs and spices and usually containing no caffeine.

33.- an area of sloping ground on a road, path, etc.

34.- food that is cooked in a restaurant and taken by a customer to be eaten in another place.

35.- a reference book that lists in alphabetical order the words of one language and shows their meanings or translations in a different language.

36.- a type of thin book with a paper cover that contains stories, essays, pictures, etc., and that is usually published every week or month.

37.- a usually metal instrument by which the bolt of a lock is turned.

38.- a usually rounded area of land that is higher than the land around it but that is not as high as a mountain.

39.- a job or duty that is given to a person : a position to which someone is appointed.

40.- the sport or activity of riding a mountain bike (a type of bicycle that has a strong frame, thick tires, and straight handlebars and that is used for riding over rough ground).

41.- a cheese that is made from goat's milk.

42.- the act of giving a particular job or position to someone : the act of appointing someone

43.- to clean the coat of (as a horse) with a currycomb

44.- a style of cutting, arranging, or combing the hair; hairdo; coiffure.

45.- a large animal of Africa and Asia that has a long neck and one or two large humps on its back and that is often used for desert travel.

46.- an agreement to meet with someone at a particular time

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