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IdiomasTerracota warriors quiz

Terracota Warriors quiz

1. What can you see if you visit Qin Museum?

. a. You can see Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s famous Terracotta Army.
. b. You can see a statue of Qin Shi Huang.
. c. You can see pictures of a Chinese painter.
2. When was the Terracotta Amy discovered?

. a. It was discovered this century.
. b. It was discovered in 1874.
. c. It was discovered in the 20th century.
3. What was declared the area in 1987?

. a. It was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
. b. It was declared a touristic place to visit.
. c. It was declared a protected zone.
4. When were the statues buried?

. a. They weren’t buried.
. b. They were buried in 210 BC.
. c. They were buried in 210 AD.
5. When did Qin Shi Huang die?

. a. He died when he was thirteen.
. b. He died when he was fifty-nine.
. c. He died when he was forty-nine.
6. Why Qin Shi Huang is very important in Chinese history?

. a. He ended with the poverty.
. b. He created China from states that were at war, and he was China’s first Emperor.
. c. He was very rich.
7. What did he build apart from his tomb?

. a. One of the China’s Great Walls.
. b. A lot of building for the people.
. c. Many important roads.
8. How was the Terracotta army discovered?

. a. It was discovered because someone said that they army was there.
. b. It was discovered while building houses.
. c. It was discovered by accident.
9. Where was the first statue found?

. a. It was found one-and-a-half kilometers from the tomb.
. b. It was found one kilometer from the tomb.
. c. It was found half kilometer from the tomb.
10. Who found it?

. a. It was found by local families.
. b. It was found by archaeologists.
. c. It was found by local workmen.
11. Have archeologists found all the statues?

. a. Yes, they have found thousands of statues.
. b. No, work continues at the site.
. c. Yes, they know how many statues are there.
12. How do archeologists know what might be in the tomb?

. a. They opened the tomb.
. b. It is written outside the tomb.
. c. Ancient documents describe what’s inside it.
13. When are they going to open the tomb?

. a. They are not sure if they are going to open it or to wait until they know better what’s inside.
. b. They are going to open it very soon.
. c. They are not going to open it.

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