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9. My middle _ is K.

. Vocabulary. Complete the sentences. Use words from the box:
11 John has straight hair. Is it blond? No,

. Grammar. Complete. Give a short answer.
14 Question: Am I 30 years old? Answer: No, _ _.

. Grammar. Write the plural.
15. class _ 16 dictionary _ 17 watch _

. Grammar. Complete the sentences. Use a word from the box.
20 My grandmother is old. _ hair is white.

. Grammar. Choose the correct word.
22 Norma's / Norma sisters have blue eyes.

. Vocabulary. Complete. Use a word from the box:
27. Lisa is my children's mother. She's my _.

. Grammar. Choose the correct answer.
29. I (am liking / like) this class very much.

. Grammar. Read the answers. Complete the questions. Use the present continuous tense. Use the underlined verb.
30. Q: _ _ _ to music?

. A: No, I'm not listening to music right now.
31 Q: What _ _ _ ?

. A: I'm reading a newspaper.
. Fill in the blank with the correct indefinite article: a or an.
33. _ hobby.

. Vocabulary. Choose the correct answer.
34. Ana is in the kitchen. She's _.

. a. cleaning the house b. studying c. cooking
35. Dick is in the bedroom. He´s _.

. a. sleeping b. cooking c. doing the laundry
. Write these digital times and indicate a.m or p.m.
. (Tip: am= from midnight to midday / p.m= from midday to midnight.)
. Match the hours.

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