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Músicadetails about McFly

This test is for you to know how much you know about the boys, the band, and they're videos!!

Who is the youngest member of McFly?

. Dougie Poynter
. Harry Judd
. Danny Jones
. Tom Fletcher
When it's Harry's birthday?

. November 6
. April 23
. December 23
. January 18
What 2 videos were at the Comic Relief campaign?

. I Wanna Hold You & Do Ya
. You've Got A Friend & All About You
. Transylvania & Please Please
. Star Girl & I've Got You
When it's Danny's birthday?

. March 12
. October 10
. June 25
. August 20
What is the colour of the wighs that the violinst are using in I WANNA HOLD YOU video??

. Pink
. Blue
. Blonde
. Orange
What 2 members of McFly have blue eyes?

. Danny & Tom
. Dougie & Harry
. Dougie & Tom
. Danny & Harry
What is Dougies' favorite food?

. Italian
. Greek
. Mexican
. Spanich
What is the full name of Dougie

. Dough James Poynter
. Dougie Lee Poynter
. Dougie Poynter
. Donald Jason Poynter
Full name of Harry

. Harry Mark Judd
. Harold Judd
. Harold Christopher Judd
. Harold Mark Christopher Judd
In ALL ABOUT YOU what group member was out while they were recording the song?

. Harry
. Danny
. Tom
. Dougie
In the video PLEASE PLEASE what is the name of the nurse?

. Linsday Alright
. Lindsay Albright
. Linda Goodlooks
. Lola Already
What member of McFly plays the guitar with the right hand even though he's left handed?

. Danny
. Tom
. None of them
. Dougie
In the video FIVE COLOURS IN HER HAIR what state's name is on Harry's T-shirt?

. Alabama
. Massachusetts
. Chicago
. New York
The video DON'T STOP ME NOW for what charity was made for?

. Comic Relief
. Sport Relief
. Running Relief
Wich was first MOTION IN THE OCEAN or the single THE HEART NEVER LIES?

. The Heart Never Lies
. Motion In The Ocean
. Don't Know!
Who is the oldest of all McFly members?

. Harry
. Tom
. Danny

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