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Contabilidad en Ingles

Who is the father of accounting?

. Reynaldo Reyes
. Hugo Casas
. Fray Lucca Pacioli
. Pancho Martinez
What is accounting?

. Bread with cheese
. It is the art which teaches us to view and analyze properly manage the care of a business operations
. It is the science that studies living organisms
. Science is created by Hugo and Reynaldo
Who is the accountant?

. It counts the numbers
. Reynaldo Reyes
. It is the professional who provides the most appropriate techniques required to administer a business
. Hugo Casas
Who does accounting serve them?

. To my dad
. my mom
. everyone
. almost everyone
How to register with accounting?

. Clean and nice
. in pencil or pen
. with numbers and letters
. Through journal aciento

The terms of the sale

. cash, check, credit, document.
. pantry vouchers
. gas vouchers
. Payroll sheets
What is called capital?

. The state of Mexico
. A favorite food of my cousin John
. A contribution made in a business by an individual
. Is that driving a boat
What is Trial Balance?

. It is when we weigh saver if something is right or wrong
. financial document used to verify that the newspaper book aciento spent properly
. a scale to check
. is used to weigh the beans
What is called balance?

. These are the airtime refills
. A exixste the difference between the debit and aber
. wing expression of a salty taco
. saldomon singer oaks
In an account that is loaded?

. A role in raising
. is to record the amount in the debit
. her from Soria
. with fingers
which is the favorite teacher of Hugo and Reynaldo?

. Norma Garza
. Panchito Martinez
. Blanca Leticia Lopez
. Esmeralda Monrique

What grade we get in this job?

. surely a 10
. 9
. 9.9
. 9.8
. 9.7
. 9.6
. 9.5
. which the teacher chooses one of the options above
. 5
. 0

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