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IdiomasHow is your English?

Read the questions and choose the best answer to complete the idea or answer the question.
The items for the following questions are in te whiteboard
Please ask to the teacher Patrick Craig for any doubt

The mother of my mother is my...

. Sister
. Aun
. Grandmother
. Daughter
The father of my father is my...

. Son
. Uncle
. Grandfather
. Nephew
Your uncle is the ______________ of your father or mother

. Grandson
. Daughter
. Sister
. Brother
Two PLUS Sixteen EQUAL

. Seventeen
. Nineteen
. Eighteen
. Fifteen
Twenty one MINUS Eleven EQUAL

. Ten
. Seven
. Twelve
. Eleven
Fifty PLUS sixty MINUS ten EQUAL

. Ninety nine
. Seventy
. One hundred ten
. One hundred
What is the colour of the sun?

. Pink
. Yellow
. Blue
. Green
What are the colours of the eggs?

. Purple and Red
. Yellow and Blue
. White and Yellow
. Red and Yellow
The day is ___________ (sun)

. Sunny
. Suni
. Sun
. Suny
The day is _________ (cloud)

. Cloudi
. Clouddi
. Cloudy
. Clloudy
The day is _________ (rain)

. Rain
. Rainy
. Rainni
. Raiiny
____ is my boyfriend Daniel and ____ is my sister Lorena

. She - They
. You - He
. She - He
. He - She
Marcos, Gabriel, and Ximena _____ the famouse band and _______ sing Pop music.

. are - they
. are - he
. is - they
. is - she
_____ is my cat and ____ is so sweet

. It - it
. It - he
. It - she
. It - they
"I am so thirsty, I want to ________ a glass of water"

. eat
. run
. drink
. see
She ___________ rice and chiken

. cooks
. cook
. cooc
. coocs
Maria and Luisa ______ watching TV

. is
. are
. am
. your
Alex _____ ___________ a fantasy book

. are writing
. is writing
. are eating
. is running
____ she like fish?

. Do
. Does
. doesn't
. don't
______ you play basketball?

. Do
. Does
. Don't
. Doesn't

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