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Cine y TelevisiónFind Your perfect Charmed Partner

find your love magical

What do you look for in a perfect partner?

. Power
. Good Looks
. Money
. A good Sense of humor
. someone kind and caring
. All of the above
What's the first thing you notice about a potential love interest?

. Their eyes/ smile/ teeth
. How they dress
. What sort of car they drive.
. Their parental skills
. Whether they're married
. Their personality (whether or not they have one)?
What's the biggest turn-off?

. Lack of intelligence
. Bad breath
. An unwillingness to commit
. Arrogance
. vanity
. Being broke
And the biggest turn on?

. Money
. Being a great Kisser
. Confidense
. Good dress sense
. A good heart
. A great personality
What's your idea of the perfect date?

. A home cooked meal
. A romantic meal in the most expensive and exclusive restaurant in town
. A trip to the cinema
. Dinner and a show
. Drinks and then sancing the night away
. A romantic moonlight stroll
You're on a date with your new beau and you spot your ex! What do you do?

. Run Away-Fast!
. Walk over and introduce your new partner
. Panic. it was a very bad break up
. Pretend you haven't seen them
. Smile at your ex an then proceed to snog the face off your new lover!
. Ignore them
What would be your idea of the perfect long weekend break?

. Shooping an sightseeing in New York
. Gettin pampered at spa
. A romantic cosy country cottage as far away from civilization as possible
. Staying in bed
. You're far too busy to contemplate taking a day off, never mind a whole weekend!
. Anywhere you can eat, drink and party the night away
How lucky in love are you?

. Very, You've already managed to find your soul- mate- and hold onto them!
. You've been burned a few times but you think you've finally found "the one"
. You haven't got time for love
. Pass. You find it hard to distinguish between love and lust
. You're still looking but you remain hopeful
. You have to live with having lost the love of your life. so you go figure it out
What's the perfect way to show someone you love them?

. Give them your time and attention
. Buy lost of flowers and chocolates
. Give them your credit card
. Surprise them by cooking a romantic candlelight meal
. Buy them something flashy and expensive, like a new car!
. Give them the world, literally
What's your take on love at first sight? fact or fiction?

. It exists. You're living proof
. You believe in it but you haven't experienced it forced it for yourself, althought you hope to very soon
. It's a load of old rubbish. People confuse love with lust a little too often, as far as you're conerned
. Love isn't an instant thing. it takes time to grow. Be patient and love will happen
. Love doesn't exist. Period. Never mind at first sight
. It's just those dreaded hormones playing with your head again

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