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Prueba CCNP

Esta es una examen para ver si nos va bien mañana
By RoLo

How do cable modems transfer data across local cable TV lines?

. carries analog signals end-to-end
. carries digital signals end-to-end
. toggles between radio frequency and analog data signals
. modulates digital data to an RF and transmits it at a specific frequency
What is the maximum distance ADSL transmissions will work?

. 18,000 meters
. 5460 meters
. 17,068 meters
. 2478 meters
Which form of DSL uses the frequency band of 20khz to 1Mhz?

What is the most popular modulation technique that ADSL uses?

. carrierless amplitude modulation/phase modulation (CAP)
. frequency division multiplexing (FDM)
. quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK)
. discrete multitone modulation (DMT)
. consumer/Mass-Market DMT (G.lite)
. quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM)
Refer to the exhibit. DHCP clients in the customer network do not have connectivity. What could be causing this issue?

. The subnet mask for the DHCP pool is incorrect
. The default router that is specified in the DHCP pool is incorrect.
. The DHCP excluded addresses are incorrect.
. The command ip nat inside and ip nat outside were issued on the incorrect interfaces.
. The overload keyword should be removed.
Which statement is true about the use of dead peer detection (DPD) within an IPsec environment?

. DPD and Cisco IOS keepalives are sent together.
. DPDs are sent at regular intervals.
. DPDs are sent when no traffic is flowing.
. DPDs are sent by default only when the IKE policy is initiated.
. Cisco IOS keepalives are sent by default instead of the DPDs
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true about the IPsec configuration?

. The key will not be sent encrypted to the peer.
. The default authentication has been changed.
. The local IP address is
. Access-list 2 will be referenced to control traffic.
Refer to the exhibit. Which set of commands would correctly configure this router to display the output that is generated in the exhibit?

. crypto isakmp policy 15 hash md5 authentication rsa-sig group 2 lifetime 5000
. crypto isakmp policy 15 hash sha authentication rsa-sig group 2 lifetime 5000
If SDM is being used, which statement is true when no IKE policies have been configured on a router?

. The hash algorithm used will be MD5.
. The lifetime will be unlimited.
. Pre-share authentication will be used.
. 3DES encryption will be used.
Which two modes can be selected after launching the Create a Site-to-Site VPN option using the SDM? (Choose two.)

. One click VPN setup
. Step by step wizard
. CLI wizard
. Quick setup
. Edit Site-to-Site VPN
Refer to the exhibit. Which task would specify additional security by authenticating the user of a remote VPN device?

. Selecting the interface on which the client connections will terminate
. Configuring IKE policies.
. Configuring an IPSec transform set.
. Configuring a group policy lookup method.
. Configuring user authentication.
. Configuring group policies on the local router.
Which two statements about the Cisco Easy VPN Client for Windows are true? (Choose two.)

. Previously installed versions of the Cisco Easy VPN Client do not have to be uninstalled before proceeding with a new installation.
. Previously installed versions of the Cisco Easy VPN Client must be uninstalled before proceeding with a new installation
. The Cisco Easy VPN Client can be installed by using either InstallShield or the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI).
. The Cisco Easy VPN Client can only be installed by using InstallShield
. The Cisco Easy VPN Client can only be installed by using the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI).
. The Cisco Easy VPN Client is only compatible with a Cisco Easy VPN server.
What are the two components of Cisco Easy VPN? (Choose two.)

. Cisco Easy VPN GRE
. Cisco Easy VPN Router wizard
. Cisco Easy VPN Remote
. Cisco Easy VPN One-Click wizard
. Cisco Easy VPN Server
Refer to the exhibit. A tunnel is established between routers RTA and RTB. Which two statements are true about traffic that flows from network A to network B? (Choose two.)

. Traffic cannot flow between network A and network B until NAT is activated on RTA.
. Because access-list 101 does not permit TCP or UDP, traffic will not be encrypted.
. Routers inside the Internet will see packets with the destination IP address of
. Routers inside the Internet will see packets with the destination IP address of
. Traffic will go through an IPsec tunnel.
. Traffic will go through a GRE tunnel.

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