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Module Preparation

The focus of the SCOR (Supply-Chain Operations Reference) model is to achieve which of the following?

. Process improvement
. Realistic Schedules
. Customer satisfaction
. Management of returns
Supply chain management would cross the threshold between Stage 3 (integrated enterprise) and Stage 4 (extended entrerprise) evolution when the nucleus firm takes which of the following steps?

. Establishing a recycling program
. Setting up a supplier-producer design-process team
. Automating warehouse management
. Establishing JIT production
Which of the following supply chain actions is most likely to reduce the bullwhip effect?

. Increasing safety stock supplies in the wholesale echelon
. Adding a midseason promotion in the retail echelon
. Instituting independent forecasts by each partner
. Moving the push-pull boundary further from the end user customer
A firm has collected the following data: 24 days supply inventory/20 days of payables outstanding/56 days of sales outstanding. What is the cash-to-cash cycle in this situation?

. 12
. 36
. 60
. 100
Which of the following key performance indicators (kpi) is used by the SCOR model to assess a company's supply chain's delivery reliability?

. Order fulfillment cycle time
. Quoted delivery time
. Number of customer orders changed
. Perfect order fulfillment
Supply chain firms that belong to C-TPAT are subject to which of the following sanctions if they fail to follow its anti-terror guidelines?

. Civil penalties
. Revocation of coporate charter
. Suspension
. Criminal penalties
A company determines that customer complaints arise from four different sources: failure of the product to perform as advertised; difficulty following setup instructions; dissatisfaction with the warranty terms; frequency of repairs. The minimum criterion

. No more than an avg of 3.4 instances of dissatisfaction per 250.000 customers
. No more than an avg of 3.4 returned products per 250.000 sales
. No more than an avg of 3.4 defects per 250.000 products sold
. No more than an avg of 3.4 defects per 1.000.000 products sold
Which of the following have established restrictions on the use of wood pallets because the pallets may contain insect pests?

. World Trade Assotiation
. China and the EU
Which of the following business improvement approaches is focused on elimination of waste?

. Six Sigma
. Business process reenginering BPR
. Theory of constraints TOC
In arguing for the adoption of a total quality improvement approach to supply chain improvement, a TQM (total quality management) advocate might be expected to make which of the following arguments?

. TQM's radical approach to change is necessary to transform a complex system like a supply chain
. TQM's focus on leadership from the shop-floor level is appropiate to the typical manufacturing-oriented supply chain
. TQM's approach of constant change fits well with the dynamic nature of supply chains
. Quality's relentless focus on transformation of product features is consistent with supply chain management's need to focus on the end customer
Institution of manufacturing resources planning software MRPII typically takes place at which stage of supply chain evolution?

. 1- multiple dysfunction
. 2- semifunctional enterprise
. 3- integrated enterprise
. 4- extended enterprise
In a globally competitive maketplace, lateral integration of the supply chain generally results in which of the following advantages?

. Greater confidentiality
. Greater control of raw material supplies
. Economies of scale
. Greater visibility in both directions along the chaing
What financial items must be equal on an organization's balance sheet?

. Assets= Liabilities+ stockholder's equity
. Income= Liabilities + Stockholder's Equity
. Stockholders' Equity= Long-Term Debt+Short-Term Debt
. Liabilities = Assets + Stockholders Equity
An organization realizes a 20% return on its investment of $1.5M in supply chain fixed assets. If its supply chain revenues are $2M and ist supply chain management costs are $300.000, what is the cost of goods sold (COGS)?

. $300.000
. $1.300.000
. $1.400.000
. $1.700.000
How are expenses such as the cost of computers, general management, and research and development treated on and organization's income statement?

. Included with cost of sales when calculating gross margin
. Included with operating expenses when calculating operating income
. Included with other income and expense when calculating income before tax
. Included with other expenses when calculating net income

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