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Multiple choice, only one anser correct.

Don't forget to___________it's very cold outside

. pick up
. wear out
. catch on
. wrap up
I want to buy a T-shirt before they _________

. sell out
. pick up
. show off
. catch on
She _____________her jacket and collapsed into a chair

. throw off
. throwed off
. throws off
. threw off
I don't know if this boots really go

. in
. with
. over
. to
Ross likes to ____________ with the fashion

. put off
. put on
. keep out
. keep up
Look around your class. Who_____________ a physical education uniform

. wears
. 's wearing
. wearing
Entertainers often choose yellow because it ________ them stand out in a crowd

. make
. 's making
. makes
Purple is the color of change.__________________this color today?

. Does anyone wear
. are anyone wear
. is anyone wearing
. is anyone wears
Brown is the practical color. If you are wearing it right now, you _________________hard in today's lesson.

. you probably are working
. 're probably working
. probably work
. probably working
I don't want to sit in this chair, it's very...

. incomfotable
. discomfortable
. uncomfortable
. miscomfortable
Rachel is a rebel who doesn't care about clothes. She is sometimes rude and...

. disrespectful
. inrespectful
. unrespectful
. irrespectful
Her behavior is often unacceptable and ...

. disappropriate
. unappropriate
. inappropriate
I love break dancing but some of the

. move
. movings
. moves
. movement
He's quite __________ for his age

. inmature
. immature
replace the words in brackets with the correct option.

You know I hate (putting on smart clothes)to go out

. dressing up
. dressing out
. doing up
. wearing out
your trainers are (getting very old) and (fasten)some more buttons on your shirt!

. wear out / fasten
. wearing out / fastening
. wearing out / fasten
. worn out / fastened

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