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Multiple choice. Choose the correct answer

Match the word with the definition


. very fasionable
. very unusual
. a girl

. how a cat walks
. a place you allow your pet to go
. the long raised path models walk on
. a type of hairstyle
I really need more _________ in my clothes. They all seem to be either black or white

. various
. variable
. variety
. vary
I think you should be a bit more polite. You don't have to be so___________ to get what you want, you know.

. chic
. height
. agressive
MATT: You're pretty good at drawing. Tracy
TRACY: Oh thanks, Matt! I'm _______ design my own clothes when I'm a bit older and become a top designer

. following
. aiming to
Jim is quite ____________ and modern, but most of his friends are ____________ and conservative

. trendy / old fashioned
. cheerful / daring
. hardworking /miserable
Mum is very _______and likes extreme sports, but Dad is really ___________

. unadventorous / daring
. daring / lethargic
. daring / unadventurous
Make negative words and complete the sentences.

Are you saying that dress cost less than twenty euros? That's _______________

. uncredible
. imcredible
. incredible

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palabras correctas 6 ,indica bien (B) o mal (M). Tags:Lengua ,ESPA. Preguntas:20
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palabras correctas 4 ,indica bien (b) o mal (m). Tags:Lengua ,ESPA. Preguntas:20
palabras correctas 3 ,indica bien (b) o mal (m). Categorías:Lengua ,ESPA. Preguntas:20
palabras correctas 2 ,indica bien (b) o mal (m). Tags:Lengua ,ESPA. Preguntas:20

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