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Idiomasguess the word


rained all day yesterday.

. the
. it
. a
. this
Brush your _________ after every meal.

. tooth
. teeth
. toes
. lips
A ___________ year has 366 days.

. loop
. leap
. jump
. sleep
It's our secret, so don't let the __________ out of the bag.

. dog
. cat
. cut
. mouse
Close all the windows and turn _________ the lights before leaving the house.

. of
. out
. off
. on
It's too __________ in here. I can't see anything. Please turn on the lights.

. cloudy
. close
. dark
. clear
She really sounds __________ Mom when she talks like that!

. liked
. likes
. like
. as if
He got an A in math. He ________ be proud of himself.

. must
. have to
. may
. musts
I have been _____________ for a cab for half an hour. Are the drivers on a strike?

. wait
. waited
. waiting
. looking for
Her twins _________ born last month.

. was
. will be
. are
. were
_______________ matter what he says, it won't help us.

. it
. nobody
. non
. no
My mother's mother is my

. granddaughter
. grandma
. grandpa
. grandson
Even though I went to _________ late, I could not sleep.

. home
. bed
. my home
. sleep
_________ are ten students in my class. How many in yours?

. This
. They
. There
. These
__________ you like some coffee?

. Do
. Should
. Would
. Must

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