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reported speech, infinitives and gerund

1.- ?Yes, I broke the window?. (He admitted....)

2.- ?We promise we?ll write to you?. (They promised....)

3.- ?Ok! I?ll carry the boxes myself?. (Peter agreed.....)

4.- I said to her ?John has been cleaning the house all day?

5.- The doctor said to me, ?You must stop eating sweets?

6.- Susan said ?I?m so sorry. It wasn?t my intention to hurt your feelings?

7.- Jimmy said that he would have to work harder if he wanted to finish on time.

8.- Karen suggested going to the new museum.

9.- why Raúl didn't go to school monday?

10.- (rain) is bad

11.- She stopped at Smith?s (buy) the newspaper.

12.- She is used to (speak) in public.

13.- Stop (make) so much noise or you?ll wake up the baby.

14.- the mission (finish) when Mortadelo arrived

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