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InteligenciaUnit 3 Grader

Please choose the correct answer, at the end of your test, send it to, thank you.

Therapists have concluded that origami can be used as a(n)_____?

. Psychometric tool
. diagnostic tool
. overly eficient tool
. experimental tool
Origami does not deal with which of the following educational aspect?

. Reading
. Mathematic
. Physical
Children with disabilities usually score at average or above average in IQ tests

. True
. False
Other than to pass the time, what is origami used for?

. as an observation technique
. as a relaxation technique
. as an interaction technique
What is one of the most important ideas of origami?

. Beauty
. Nature
. Symbolism
. Geometry
Other than festivals and web pages dedicated to origami, what else has it inspired?

. Car Design
. Kite Design
. Fashion Desing
. Boat Design
Origami?s ramifications are present in all of the following except for?

. Business
. Mathematics
. Aviation
. Arts
Into what symbols did Sadako?s disease and life turn her into?

. Peace and prosperity
. Prosperity and determination
. Peace and determination
How many cranes was Sadako able to fold in her life?

. 1000
. 64
. 644
. 944
During which war did the dropping of the atomic bomb occur?

. Vietnam War
. Bay Of Pigs
. Cold War
. Between WWI and WWII
. After WWII

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