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Remember the irregular verbs, past, present and infinitive, we use the verb to be correct and the best way is apparently reviewing

Where you popular as a teenager?

. I´was popular as a teenager football
. yes, I´m
Hello I´am Mr Smith and this is my wife Taylor

. Is a pleasure to meet
. No, I´ am like the pizza
sentences in present continuous is used?

. playing, reading, eating, running, learning
. wash, drink, driver, run
Write the irregular verbs in past

. bougth, chose, cost, burst, cut, drew, fell
. feel, heart, sad, clumsy, pain
she ----- a dog in the park

. Found
. Find
he _________ a river in the paper

. Drew
. Draw
I stumbled on the street and _______ a sharp pain

. Felt
. eat
complements the sequence of irregular verbs

. Feed, fed, fed, Run , ran, run, Fight, fought, fought
. Fly, fight, feel, Lend , let, lie, Pay, put, put

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