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Choose the correct form of the verb to talk about the past.

When I was 9, I ____ soccer.

. playing
. played
. play
When I was 2, I didn´t _____ hamburgers.

. eat
. eating
. ate
When my father was 5, he didn´t ____ internet.

. using
. used
. use
When my mother was 10, she _____ English.

. studying
. studied
. study
When I was a baby, I ______ walk.

. could
. can
. canning
When my grandmother was 8, she _____ to the radio.

. listen
. listened
. listening
Last february we didn´t _______ our grandparents.

. visiting
. visited
. visit
I didn´t ________ the money.

. robbed
. rob
. robbing

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