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Which religious sect know for its door-khocking campaigns was founded as a Bible study group in Pittsbugh in 1872?

. Mamonism
. Protestantism
. Jenovah's Witresses
What was the unofficial Southern anthein during the civil war?

. "Dixie"
. "Susane River"
. "My old Kentucky home"
In wich stale was the battle of Wiliamsburg fought during the U.S. Civil war?

. New Mèxico
. Pennsylvania
. Virginia
Which of the following strategies did Winfield Scott promote in his Anaconda Plans?

. Encircling Washington in hundreds of forts
. Invation of south through Mèxico
. Naval blackade of Confederate parts
Which of these literaty figures takes his name from an ancient king of Israel?

. Nicolas Nickleby
. Oliver Twist
. Captain Aha
Who was the first African American to Play professional baseball?

. Ty Colob
. Moses Fleetwood Walker
. Jackie Robinson
Who was the first woman electec to head a European government?

. Angela Merkel
. Golda Mei
. Margaret Thatcher
From which location close to the equator has the European Agency launched numerous rockets into space?

. Svalbard
. French Guiana
What president had the first hot line installed between the White House and the Kremlin?

. Jimmy Carter
. Dwight D. Eisenhower
. Johnn F. Kennedy
What were the inmigrants to Califoria in the Gold Rush called?

. Forty niners
. Forty eighters
. Forty seveners

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