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IdiomasNaN Simple present

NaN Simple present

1.- We sometimes (read) books.

2.- Emaly (go) to the disco.

3.- It often (rain) on Sundays.

4.- Peter and his sister (wash) the family car.

5.- I always (hurry) to the bus stop.

6.- I (to like) lemonade very much.

7.- The girls always (to listen) to pop music.

8.- Janet never (to wear) jeans.

9.- Mr Smith (to teach) spanish and french.

10.- You (to do) your homework after school.

11.- My father makes breakfast. (make negative)

12.- They are eleven.

13.- She writes a letter

14.- I speak Italian

15.- Danny phones his father on Sundays.

16.- you / to speak / English (make question)

17.- when / he / to go / home

18.- they / to clean / the bathroom

19.- where / she / to ride / her bike

20.- Billy / to work / in the supermarket

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