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IdiomasListening - Transportation

Select the correct answer.

1. Which is the cheapest means of transportation to use?

. Taxis
. Buses
. Underground
2. The double deckers are the most famous buses.

. True
. False
. Doesn't say
3. There are 150 undergrounds around the world.

. True
. False
. Doesn't say
4. How many stations has the London Underground got?

. 120
. 287
. 3
5. How many passengers use the Moscow Tube a year?

. 287 million
. 3 billion
. 120 million
6. Trams are the best means of transport in the world.

. Doesn't say
. False
. True
7. How did trams use to work in the beginning?

. Horses pulled them
. They used gasoline
. They used electricity
8. In which cities are the taxis yellow?

. Athens and New York
. Las Vegas and Paris
. Hong Kong and London
9. What are Hackney carriages?

. Buses
. Trams
. Taxis
10. Which means of transport is the most expensive to use?

. Taxis
. Buses
. Helicopters

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