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IdiomasPresent Perfect

This a Test to practice present perfect.

1.- My father (live, always) in Cartagena

2.- abroad?(live,ever).

3.- my sister ( got) married yet.

4.- The war in Colombia (not, finish) yet.

5.- lunch already? (teacher, eat)

6.- The peace in Colombia (be,difficult,get) because there are many points to discuss.

7.- How long the coach of Colombia soccer team? (José Pekerman,be)

8.- in the city where you live? (always,live)

9.- My father (always,want) to own his company.

10.- English is easy for you. easy for you?

11.- You are good at Math. good at Math?

12.- United States (Be) a great help to Colombia in the conflict.

13.- She (Have) her car since she graduated from the university.

14.- Unica ( get) the first place in the Saber Pro test twice so far. Last year It also got the same place.

15.- I (Try) turtle once, and I didn't like it at all.

16.- I (want,always) to be a doctor in order to save people lives.

17.- Colombia's soccer players (have) a good performance this year.

18.- I am not from this city, but I (live) here for two years.

19.- My teacher is an excellent, (Be) teaching for 15 years.

20.- My sister (Receive) the best student award twice this year.

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