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IdiomasExamen última materia Marya

This exam is made for Maryana Díaz de León in order she pass the course of English VI

__________ large natural lakes are found in the state of South California-

a) There are no
b) Not the
c) It is not
d) No

. D
. D
Find the mistake: (A)WHEN painting a fresco, an artist (B)IS APPLIED paint (C)DIRECTLY to the damp plaster (D)OF A WALL

. B
. B
Platinum is harder than copper and is almost as pliable_____________.

a) Gold
b) As gold
c) Gold is
d) Than gold

. B
. B
. B
Tiger moths __________ wings marked with stripes or sports.


. A
. A
Duke Ellington wrote _________ during his career.

a)Over a thousand songs were
b)Over a thousand songs
c)That over a thousand songs
d)There were over a thousand songs

. B
. B
________ a tomato plant from 75 to 85 days to develop into a mature plant with ripe fruit.

a)It takes
b)To take
c)That takes
d)By taking

. A
. a
In some cases, ______ to decide if an organism is a plant or an animal.

a)Difficult if
b)It is difficult
c)The difficulty
d)Is difficult

. B
. B
There are six types of flamingos, all ______ have long legs, long necks, and beaks that curve sharply downward.

a)Of them
c)Of which

. C
. A
. B
. D
The Flatiron Building, (A)THAT is in the New York City, (B)WAS the first building (C)TO HAVE a (D)METAL framework.

. A
. C
. B
. D
(A)DESPITE their light (B)WEIGH, aluminium alloys (C)CAN BE very (D)STRONG.

. A
. B
. C
. D

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