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IdiomasPrepositions of movement brief revision

Brief revision of prepositions of movement.

When he is escaping from the bad guys in the movie, Tom...

. runs away from them.
. runs towards them.
. runs up them.
If someone wants to go from the bottom to the top of a building using only their hands and feet...

. He has to climb up the building.
. He has to run down the building.
. He has to go up the building.
Once you have taken the motorway,

. go across the bend and turn right.
. go round the bend and turn right.
. go into the bend and turn right.
There is a helicopter. Sue needs to reach it if she wants to escape. She needs to...

. run under the helicopter.
. run towards the helicopter.
. run away from the helicopter.
If you want to use a car...

. First, you have to get up to it.
. First, you have to get towards it.
. First, you have to get into it.
Mary broke the window the other day!

. That's because she went over it!
. That's because she went down to it!
. That's because she went through it!
The house is on fire!

. Everyone get off it!
. Everyone get round it!
. Everyone get out of it!
She's in the living room and she wants to get to the kitchen.

. She should walk across the corridor
. She should walk along the corridor.
. She should walk past the corridor.
When someone plays football...

. He goes from one side of the field up the other.
. He goes from one side of the field below the other.
. He goes from one side of the field to the other.
In order to score in basketball, you...

. should put the ball into the hoop.
. should put the ball over the hoop.
. should put the ball under the hoop.

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