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IdiomasEnglish IV

Grammar and Vocabulary

1. You ___ open the doors before the bus gets into the station. It'd be very dangerous.

. must
. mustn't
. should
. don't have to
2. You ___ smoke so much. It's bad for your health.

. should
. shouldn't
. don't have to
. must
3. It is not an annoying habit:

. to have bad table manners
. to slurp the soup
. to talk loudly by cellphone
. to move abroad
4. It is not a body reaction.

. headache
. acne
. freckles
. shoulder strain
5. She has to do something with about her terrible cold. She can't put up ___ it anymore.

. with
. to
. of
. at
6. Mrs. Spiderman ___ her coat just before leaving the apartment.

. gripped
. bended
. crawled
. grabbed
7. I have an important meeting now, but it is raining cats and dogs so I have to ___.

. put it on
. put it off
. put it up
. put it down
8. Jane is sure she has the best grades in the generation. She ___ be in the 1st place.

. can
. could
. might
. must
9. All my friends ___ for 5 hours, so they are really drunk now.

. have drunk
. have been drinking
. drank
. are drinking
10. John ___ to the dentist in 2 hours, he has already made this appointment.

. is going
. is going to go
. will be
. is
11. This is a prohibition:

. You shouldn't swim in the sea
. You may not swim in the sea
. You mustn't swim in the sea
. You couldn't swim in the sea
12. This is a possibility:

. May I come in?
. You can finish homework later on.
. She'll call the police.
. Peter was able to play the guitar.
13. "Do you have an upset stomach? You ___ try chewing a piece of ginder."

. have to
. could
. must
. will
14. Recently, Jason has become a food eater. He eats a lof ot junk food and he has ___ weight.

. put off
. put through
. put on
. put up with
15. The consequence of playing video games for so long is ___.

. thumb arthritis
. headache
. hearing loss
. shoulder strain

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