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IdiomasPresent Continuous Tense

Choose the correct present continuous verbs form looking at the hint in brackets.

Mrs Smith (to read)_______________ a travel agency brochure.

. is red
. is thinking about
. is reading
. are readding
We (to pray) _____________ during Holy week.

. are praying
. is prayeing
. are playing
. am pray
Bryan and Annie(to relax)______________ in the beach

. are having relax
. are relaxing
. is sleeping well
. am relaxed
My dog Hannah (to look)________________ at the light-house

. are looked
. is looking
. is eating
. is delighted
They (to swim)___________through the harsh waves

. are trying to swim
. are swimming
. am swiming
. is swimming
Toby (to have)__________ a bad time in the open air.

. is having
. s going to have
. am haved
. is havving
Rick (to rent) ____________ a motorbike for driving around the island

. need to rent
. is renting
. and I are renting
. am rentting
You (to get) ____________a suntan because of the hot weather

. is getting
. gets
. are gotten
. are getting
Sue (to take)_______________ a beautiful photo right now

. is token
. have took
. is taking
. are takking
Mark (to enjoy) ______________the atmosphere in this moment

. is enjoyying
. is enjoying
. am enjoied
. are enjoy

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