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IdiomasPast simple

Reading comprehension.

What were all the other lions doing while one of them gazed at the narrator?

. They were eating
. They were sleeping
. They were playing
. They were doing both a and c
What had they already done before they arrived?

. They had breakfast and cashed in their passes
. They went to the monkeys’ cage
. They had lunch and rested
. None of the above
Who was the one who knocked the monkey’s cage?

. The narrator
. A boy who was at the zoo
. The narrator’s friend
What did they do before going to the petting zoo?

. They ate something
. They rested before going
. They went to their house for a while
What did the goats do when the narrator went to the petting zoo?

. They glanced at them
. They didn’t move much
. They hit each other
. They started to eat their clothes
. Both a and b
. Both c and d
How was the group feeling once they had finished visiting the zoo?

. They were feeling excited
. They were feeling tired
. They were feeling relaxed
How was the ride back home, according to the narrator?

. The ride was relaxing
. The ride was bumpy
. The ride was stressful
. All the above
What was the monkey’s reaction when the people were looking at them?

. They screamed
. They started howling
. Both a and b
. None of the above

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