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1.- Is there life________(1) in the universe?

2.- I'd be very surprised if there __________(2) .

3.- I certainly don't____________ (3) it as little green people with antennae

4.- and __________ ____________(4). It could take a number of forms,

5.- but simple life appears to arise ___________(5) readily,

6.- and I see no reason that there might not be planets ____________(6) with life out there.

7.- Think how many there must be. Here we are in the _________ ________ (7)galaxy, comprised of a few hundred billion stars.

8.- We know that our __________ _________ (8) has nine planets.

9.- All around the Milky Way galaxy, there are __________ _________(9). As we look for them, we're finding them everywhere.

10.- So we have this image developing now of a galaxy that's just filled with planets, a ______________(10) number of them.

11.- It would be incredible if there ___________ (11) at least simple life scattered all over the galaxy.

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