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IdiomasHow much do you know about fashion?

Here you can test how much do you know about vocabulary connected with fashion.

If it's the right size...

. It fits you
. It suits you

. dressed
. fit
. wearing
Where you check if something fits you, it is a...

. Dressing room
. Changing room
. Fitting room
If you have a Prada's belt, you...

. are wearing designer labels
. are posh
. are wearing brands
To take off means

. to undress
. to wear
The opposite of to zip up is

. to zip off
. to unzip
. to imzip
. Now without flies
To be..... fashion

. on
. of
. in
Scottish kirks have a.....pattern

. checked
. plaid
. tartan
If you are on a dressing room you are...

. trying something on
. fitting in
. suiting in
You are a... if you go to...

. fashion victim/blogger
. fashion victim/to trendy stores
. fashion victim/to trendy stores
. killer/supermaket

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